Wednesday, February 15, 2012

when you paint with words, a good word is inspiring.

she had orphic eyes,

great big mystery pies,

she had a thought to the right,

that filled her with fright,

she had groovy toes,

for sand, i suppose,

and a pretty purple vibe

swirling just for show

she laughed in a twinkling note

a note that floats and floats

she ran into a wood

she really thought she should

in the dirt the sand rose

just for those toes

and the colour from her vibe

was jumbled up inside

she had a stupid grin

over teeth her lips spread thin

her hips jutted forth

with a primal naked force

and all the while the woods

shook her as hard as it could

the grin turned to an O

as through the forest she goes.

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