Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mortal Fear

the siren song is floating now,
through the rugged bay,
and sailors eyes and ears are stung,
by graceful music spray,

and all the while the creatures stood,
watching mortal fear,
and thought it odd that creaks and bumps,
should shake a humans ear.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


the lights stretch and brighten,
through the dampened window glass,
they dash into darkness,
as i'm pulled away at last,
they linger behind,
yet they disappear so fast,
like the way a cloud can bleakly turn,
from black to overcast....

such brightness can never last,
such brightness can never last.

when you paint with words, a good word is inspiring.

she had orphic eyes,

great big mystery pies,

she had a thought to the right,

that filled her with fright,

she had groovy toes,

for sand, i suppose,

and a pretty purple vibe

swirling just for show

she laughed in a twinkling note

a note that floats and floats

she ran into a wood

she really thought she should

in the dirt the sand rose

just for those toes

and the colour from her vibe

was jumbled up inside

she had a stupid grin

over teeth her lips spread thin

her hips jutted forth

with a primal naked force

and all the while the woods

shook her as hard as it could

the grin turned to an O

as through the forest she goes.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Some days the winds are blowing,
In a slightly crooked way,
And the trees can hardly move,
They lack their usual sway,

The feathers from the birds,
Sailing in the sky,
Float with less ease and freedom,
When a crooked breeze rolls by,

The sailors of the deep,
Hoist their billowing sails,
But the speed they usually keep,
Comes to no avail,

I am a sway-less tree,
In the flaming mire,
With feather floating stiffly,
Into spikes of fire,

My mind is lost like the sailors,
Tugging at the sails,
Running slow on rugged seas,
In the midst of rain and hail,

The crooked winds are blowing,
On this restless day,
As I sit in orbs of thought,
With nothing much to say.