Tuesday, January 24, 2012

start with a kiss and end with the rest.

great big singing mouths with nothing to say,
with minds far beneath them screaming away,
people see and minds start to wander,
what are their motives, i start to ponder...

a kiss is a moment of love in some.
others pure lust, and others for fun,
a kiss is a moment craved by all,
how can it be an action so small?

and who am i to judge a moment of another?
deep in the shadows, under the covers,
deep in the recesses of somebody's mind,
that moment is theirs, and not mine to find,

for your lips can declare a thousand emotions,
it is but a drop in a swirling blue ocean
the taste of a droplet can reveal a dark depth
a kiss, oh that kiss, is complex to confess

watch how it smoulders, the strongest will fall,
feel how it burns, fight the siren's call,
start with a kiss and end with the rest,
keep those hearts beating out of those chests.

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